Operator/Feeder/Packer .

Curiska (Pty) Ltd – East London, Eastern Cape

  • Must be able to read product quality plans and take instructions and follow them through.
  • Must be able to repair basic problems on packing line, replace belts, remove excess plastic

from working parts, load and unload new rolls correctly, look after tools and make sure
they are all in the correct place.

  • Must report low stock levels, rolls of plastic or remaining Teflon belts.
  • Make sure area is neat and tidy and maintained to 5s STD at all times.
  • Report scrap issues to supervisor and then quality controller via documentation provided

for deviations.

  • Remove all unwanted and unnecessary products from production area and have them

returned to warehouse waiting area when not in use. Report to warehouse manager if any
goods have been returned to the warehouse returns area or have been rejected.

  • Make sure you have a shift exchange of information and a check to see the area is left up

to 5s STD before accepting to work at the station. IE (all boxes neatly on pallets, swept and
no boxes left for sorting) etc.

  • Pack all goods according to the necessary quantity, packaging, labelling, place neatly on

pallets and mark with approved for manufacturing labels that were received from the
previous work station.

  • Use the correct box for the correct product.
  • Packing Line Cover must be on the machine before running(EHS)
  • Height of plastic to be monitored constantly with new roles and old rolls.
  • Do not close a box until labels are correctly place on goods inside (printed box) and then

match the labels to the outside of the box, IFU’s to be used when required according to
the part number. All boxes to be quality check by authorised persons.