Mid-Term Evaluation

Deadline date
01 Feb 2021
Contact name
Mandisa Diza
Contact email address
New Terms of Reference_ Evaluation of the Jala Peo Initiative_2021_Final (1).pdf



The Jala Peo Initiative grew out of a collaboration between the DBE NSNP and the WesBank Fund through its Fund Manager, Tshikululu Social Investments NPC. The FirstRand Foundation, through its WesBank Fund, agreed to provide financial support for the development of this initiative. This support has been framed by the Foundation as a systemic social investment (SSI) and has a number of objectives, which were designed to support the WesBank Fund’s focus on food sovereignty and agricultural livelihoods.


  • The following outcomes are desired for the Jala Peo Initiative mid-term evaluation:
  • a review of empirical literature in this area of work, that is of relevance to South African contexts;
  • a precis of the inception and purpose of the Jala Peo Initiative;
  • an overview of the outcomes of the Jala Peo Initiative to date;
  • the value of the outcomes of the initiative on its intended beneficiaries (Learners; teachers; school management teams; school support staff; Forum stakeholders; and school communities);
  • a finding on how effective the initiative has been against its original objectives, as well as meeting the current needs of the education sector and food system in South Africa;
  • a finding on the appropriateness of the Jala Peo Initiative’s design;
  • a determination as to whether the initiative’s implementation is sufficient to achieve its intended impact;
  • a finding on which factors contribute to the success of the initiative as well as which factors hinder the potential impact of the initiative;
  • an assessment of the financial sustainability of the model;
  • suggestions on how the WesBank Fund could best approach partnering with other organisations to leverage greater impact going forward;
  • a determination of any early indications of systemic change and/or adoption by the departments of education or any other government department, that is directly related or attributable to the Jala Peo Initiative; and
  • clear recommendations on how the implementation of the initiative going forward could be strengthened.

Expertise required

The service provider is required to specify the evaluation team members, their areas of expertise and their respective responsibilities. The team must possess relevant qualification(s), each team member should possess at least a Postgraduate Degree (with the exception of junior team members). The team leader must have at least 10 years’ experience in evaluation, including some specific focus on similar systemic initiatives. Team member CVs should be included as part of the application.

The following expertise will be required:

  • a thorough understanding of the education sector in South Africa;
  • an appreciation of the intersecting nature of issues of food and nutrition security in community resilience;
  • experience in conducting similar evaluations;
  • skills and ability to conduct sensitive evaluations; and
  • a clear demonstration of commitment to transformation via provision of a broad-based black economic empowerment (B-BBEE) certificate and, where applicable, transformation policies and plans.

How to apply

A comprehensive proposal to carry out the evaluation must be submitted by email on February 1, 2021.

The proposal should sufficiently cover the following information and will be judged on these criteria:

  • Company details
  • Company B-BBEE Level. Please provide a certificate and, where applicable, provide transformation policies and plans (for South African based service providers).
  • Proposed methodology
  • Project plan
  • Comprehensive budget
  • Demonstration of expertise and previous experience (incl. evidence of previous similar evaluations)
  • Evaluation team (and their specialisations

Please find attached the ToR for further information.