Bendi Driver


  • The Bendi Machine Operator is responsible for operating his Bendi machine for the purpose of moving, locating, relocating, stacking, and counting merchandise inside the warehouse.

  • The Bendi Machine Operator selects cases and pallets by product type and pallet number.

  • The Operator is accountable for the safe and efficient operating of the vehicle and may also be required to

    perform order picking, and checking duties as and when required (multitasking)

  • The Bendi Operator is responsible to use available technology (handheld scanner)


Preferred education level:

↪ High school education preferably Grade 12
Experience (the minimum level of direct experience in a similar position)

  • 6-12 months, preferably within a warehousing environment

  • Cold store experience would be preferable, but not a “must”


  • The Bendi operator requires satisfactory completion of a Bendi training program with up to date license certification

  • The ability to follow directions is extremely important. (Familiarity with materials handling and “handheld” scanner equipment is an added benefit)

  • Has the ability to work within a team environment

  • IT literate, able to use a “handheld scanner”

    License or certificate required:

  • Valid Bendi machine operators license

  • Forklift Operators License would be an added benefit

  • Powered pallet truck (scooter) license will be an added benefit