Model Validation Quant

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We are seeking a Model Validation Quant:

  • Independent validation of all corporate risk models, including credit risk (PD, LGD), forecasting, compliance and operational risk models as well as other model types which includes performance of model validations and oversight of any independent internal or external model validations.
  • Effective challenge of the model conceptual soundness, assumptions and appropriateness of model methodology.
  • Model development data integrity verification
  • Replication of the model estimates.
  • Model testing including back-testing, sensitivity analysis, stress testing and benchmarking.
  • Review of the model implementation, verification of user acceptance testing.
  • Preparation of comprehensive independent validation documentation.
  • Coordination of independent validation projects and processes among multiple stakeholders. Participation in peer review processes for model development and validation.
  • Participation in improvement of model validation procedures and supporting methods.
  • Participation in model monitoring and maintenance review.
  • Ongoing improvement of business acumen including knowledge of regulatory guidance, relevant research, risk technology and financial services industry.
  • Development of strong business relationships with key business partners.
  • Perform independent model validations and effective challenge for models across all lines of business.
  • Maintain and follow independent model validation standards and procedures. Interpret model validation test results and establish required action plans with model owners/developers and provide value-added recommendations to model owners/developers.
  • Proactively identify emerging model risk issues impacting the company and communicate to model developers, senior management and committees as needed.
  • Maintain current/develop new analytical reports and presentations for senior management, executive committees and regulatory exams.
  • Collaboration with (future) data warehouse and/or model development departments.


  • Degree in, economics, engineering, statistics, mathematics or an equivalent combination of education and work-related experience
  • 5+ years of experience in financial industry, audit or functional equivalent
  • Statistical and econometric theory, logistic regression, linear regression, time series modeling, operations research and scenario-based simulations
  • Model development and implementation procedures
  • Capabilities and knowledge of SAS, SQL, R, or Python
  • Project management an