Stock Room/ Storeroom Supervisor

Duties & Responsibilities

1. Oversees and coordinates activities in a storeroom.

2. Manages workers who order, receive, and store inventory, and who issue IBT’s.

3. Ensure that stock is received and captured in a timely manner and ready to be merchandised.

4. Ensure that stock is stored in a manner that preserves their quality.

5. Plan the layout and design of the storeroom, considering factors such as stock turnover, size and weight.

6. Communicate with other levels of management and make recommendations regarding non-usable, slow-moving and excess stock.

7. Resolve discrepancies between inventory and stock-control records.

8. Verify shipments from suppliers to ensure the products match purchase orders and they enter quantities into the organization’s inventory management system

Desired Experience & Qualification

3- 5 years storeroom/ stock room supervisor experience.

Knowledge of Unisolve program (Advantage)

Experience in retail pharmacy (Advantage)

Must have Gr.12

Package & Remuneration

Salary: Market Related