Creativity and seasonal cake program applications as and when necessary.
Weigh ingredients for cake costing purposes
Apply ganache to cakes using the correct preparation methods of application.
Apply fruit glazing and piping gels; cupcake decorations & seasonal cupcake themes advanced chocolate techniques writing on cakes
Check expiry dates of merchandized frozen products and act accordingly.
Always assist customers and fellow associates in the Hotbake Store when and where necessary.
Manage the special-order cakes, to ensure customers are always supplied with their product orders timeously.
Assist with product merchandising / filling the freezers with merchandized frozen products for sale
Always treat customers in a friendly manner
Ensure that customers are served politely and that no-one ever has to wait to be served.
Up-sell products on special promotion to customers.
Acquire good knowledge of all products and pricing of those products.
Assist to package and merchandise in the correct packaging for various product categories
Merchandising of products according to company standards.
Keep the sales area, including the counters, refrigerator counters, shelves, walls and floors, clean and presentable always.
Always adhere to GMP rules, always follow hygiene rules and wear disposable gloves when handling the products
Ensure that products which are no longer fit for sale are removed from display and brought to the attention of the Head Baker or Store Manager.
Inform the production team regarding shortage of products.
Assist with stock taking / cleaning of the fridges or freezers or any stock management procedure.
Handle all transactions honestly and uphold the ethics of the company.
Filling in as a cashier at any other/ at the discretion of the Retail Operations Manager and or when necessary.
Check the quality of baking ingredients
Knead, roll, cut, and shape dough to assist the Head Baker if necessary.
Place dough in pans, molds, or on sheets and set oven temperatures
Pan, bake and decorate baked products if necessary, to assist the Head Baker
Prepare equipment for baking / icing cakes
Observe the colour and state of products being baked. Apply glazes, icings, or other toppings
Perform any other reasonable tasks in the store at the discretion of the Retail Operations Manager.
Attend to work in a totally safe manner, to ensure that your safety and the safety of fellow associates.
Execute your duties diligently, within the scope of all GMP and safety training, food safety requirements, and product quality specifications

Experience and Qualifications

Grade 12
Minimum of two years’ Confectioner and baking experience (minimum)
GAAP or POS system experience an advantage
Strong verbal and written communication skills and the ability to interact will all levels of the organisation
Willing to work on weekends, shifts, including night shift.
Ability to pick up and move 30kg.
Ability to work in a cold or hot environment, in a freezer up to -23 degrees
Outstanding organizational skills.
Good interpersonal skills.
Ability to handle multiple tasks and meet deadline
Demonstrated knowledge of base icing, combing, decorating cakes for sale in the store.
Knowledge of various types of nozzles used for cake decorating.
Advanced piping technique abilities
Knowledge of mixers, overrun and correct handling procedures for cake decorating.
Ability to work accurately under pressure.