Demand Planner – Cape Town

Job Specification

Develop and maintain forecast models for the business

Manage and create demand forecast, analyse trends and measure performance to ensure accurate forecast and alignment with business plans

Create and manage forecast models, analyse trends, manage forecast tools, and maintain accurate data

Review historical sales trends, research demand drivers, prepare forecast data, develop statistical forecast models, and evaluate forecast results

Develop and measure key performance indicators to track and evaluate forecasts made

Assist in assessing the effectiveness of the demand planning and forecasting function, and to work towards continuous improvement

Identify & develop analytical and quantitative methods to understand, predict, and enhance supply chain processes

Assemble and analyse all data pertinent to creating the sales forecast (historical sales, market trends, seasonality, promotions, and inventory levels)

Lead forecast and inventory planning meetings with functional managers, reviewing recommended sales forecast and inventory goals

Collaborate with the planning function in order to assemble data, analyse performance, identify problems, and develop recommendations which support SCM planning and operations

Provide annual input into Function/Departmental CAPEX /OPEX business plan/budget

Monitor and analyse forecast reports to ensure that forecast reports are accurate and provide meaningful information to the relevant stakeholders.

Design and generate reporting dashboards for weekly and monthly statistical forecast reports

Work with account executives and account managers to deliver an accurate demand-driven forecast that will enable the business to meet its targets

Provide reports on inventory levels, highlighting risks and appropriate actions to mitigate the identified risks

Coordinate cross-functional research activities to monitor and reconcile significant variances and refine the forecast model to reflect updated sales and marketing assumptions

Monitor SKU levels and recommend SKU rationalization initiatives in the future

Facilitate, re-engineering, best practice, and consensus between functional experts (Demand Planning, Inventory Planning, Purchasing, Sales & Marketing, Finance and IT)

Manage Inventory targets to ensure availability of stock to meet current and future demand

Manage inventory targets (including safety stock levels) that are approved by management

Prepare, report and communicate forecast inventory measurements to management (forecast accuracy, inventory plan vs. targets)

Monitor availability of stock to meet current and identified future demands.

Execute purchase orders on Evolution

Manage and maintain demand planning systems and procedures to ensure accuracy in data documentation and incorporating market intelligence

Maintain documentation and standard operating procedures for demand planning processes and systems to ensure that demand planning processes and procedures are documented, and updated regularly

Maintain and update the demand planning system and software to ensure accurate and relevant data

Manage timely rolling of forecast updates in collaboration with other teams in order to ensure accuracy of data

Identify relevant market-related data and competitive intelligence that can be incorporated into the business to ensure effective measuring and forecast accuracy

Maintaining stock levels whilst having the following limitations and constraints: Forecast accuracy, supplier reliability, low safety stock levels & high lead times

Managing large batch sizes

Management and prioritizing of purchase orders

Regulatory and technical issue resolution facilitation

Meeting the sales target by ensuring adequate stock levels

Engaging with the entire commercial team to identify risks and opportunities

Satisfying global requirements with regards to reporting and stock control

Full functional cross-collaboration within the business and with suppliers

Sales, Marketing, and Finance (daily) to obtain and ensure that current and accurate information is used for demand forecasts

Systems and technology suppliers (need-based) to ensure that the business has tools that address the requirements of the business

IT (need-based) for system maintenance and update, development, and data integrity

Suppliers of finished goods, packaging, and raw material

Supply Chain Team (daily) to ensure the availability of stock

Regulatory and QA (weekly) to report on quality or compliance issues

Medico Marketing (need-based) for information on new products and existing products

IPD and New Launches

Manage a yearly portfolio of 60m USD per annum in sales turnover

The portfolio consists of approx.

± 300 SKUs

14+ Suppliers (portfolio baskets could be changed as per business need)

13+ Product managers

13 million USD inventory

Manage OOS target (to a minimum) to below 4.0% of sales budget

Minimize OOS impact

Manage open POs and Supply Security from all suppliers

All decisions related to developing measuring parameters to measure the accuracy of the forecast

Recommendations on market intelligence

All decisions related to updating and maintenance of a demand planning system

Recommendations on best practices and re-engineering

All administrative decisions related to the reporting staff

Advice and suggestions on any variance, risks, or inventory levels

Minimum Requirements


Relevant tertiary degree or Diploma in Business/ Finance / Industrial Engineering/ Logistics Management

Minimum of 3 years experience

Good working knowledge of analytics and numerics

Good working knowledge of advanced excel is essential

Experience in forecasting and knowledge of forecasting methods

SAP/APO, or Oracle Demand Planning or other software related to demand planning

Numerical ability, analytical

Microsoft Excel

Decision- making skills

Technical methods and frameworks

Demand planning systems and software, ie. SAP/APO, or Oracle Demand Planning

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