Pricing Clerk – Sales Orders

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    Based in Camperdown our client is requiring a Pricing Clerk – Sales Orders.  Ensuring that the calculations codes and pricing with regards to customer invoicing is correct and acting as a support function for the Regional Sales Managers and TA’s.

    Must have a Grade 12,  Drivers Licence,  solid computer experience, MS Excel and MS Word and at least 3 years experience in a similar role

    Duties & Responsibilities

    Pricing Codes:

    • Update the Product code and pricing for all branches as and when a request is received. Creating the SSP code and calculating Medication, by retaining the price and then loading it onto the pricing system.
    • Ensure that the all product codes and pricing are maintained and conduct spot checks daily, by pulling the Margin report / per branch and compare costs. Costs price to be within a range of not more than R200, if bigger investigate by liaising with the mills and procurement, to ensure the correct price on the system.
    • Also check for correct Selling prices, cost price, Transport, Km, check / correct over rides, communicate discrepancies to mill and SA.ERP to have corrections made. Follow up daily if corrections has been done including ones requested by RSM/NSM
    • Ensure that all customer pricing letters are up to date and processed immediately when requested from the Sales Department and emailed to the relevant person and the Sales Order Clerk at the relevant branch.
      • Customer pricing letters and Branch Price letter to be maintained in both electronic and hard copy format daily.
      • Fortnightly check that the ERP invoice prices corresponds to customer price letters sent.
      • Request new SSP prices / medication for DH (PTY) LTD and DHM database prices monthly from purchasing. Upload new SSP / Medications into ERP before 1st of every month


    Administration and coordination of reports:

    Email the Regional Sales Managers their Marketing Sales and Margins reports on a weekly basis.
    • Place the SSP- Medication price list report on the S;Drive before the 1st of every month and inform Orders, Regional Sales Managers, and Product Managers at all the branches by email when it is placed there.
    • Create the report, which includes the total sales & quantity
    • Create the Levy report before the 20th of every month .  Thereafter submit
    • Provide all Regional Sales Managers with the Sales Forecast weekly
    • Sent NAV Report to the RSM, Product Mangers, Branch Managers, RA Formulations, Financial Manager and the CEO on weekly basis.
    Gristing Report
    • Create the Gristing report for customers and suppliers on a monthly basis, as per the CEO’s and NSM pricing/ ton and percentage usage per raw material.- Obtain formula from job orders, calculate usage of grising raw material and give credit based on volume used x cost/ton


    Desired Experience & Qualification

    Grade 12

    Valid drivers licence

    MS Excel and MS Word

    Min 3 years experience in a similar role